New Kuri C1.84/2018 starting on  26th February 2018, Inst. Amount : 10,000/- , Installments: 53, Sala Amount :5,30,000/-,  Commission : 5%  

About Kuri/Chitty

   Chit Funds/Kuries - saving schemes practiced in India Chit fund is a simple financial transaction where by certain number of peoples join together and contribute money, which is accepted by one person among them at a time. The contribution and acceptance are continued in turns until the cycle is completed where up on the contribution equals the acceptance. For example, assume that 30 persons join together and contribute Rs.5000/-each totaling to Rs.150000/- which is accepted by any one among them. Next month also, the sum contribution of Rs.5000/- is accepted and the same procedure is repeated for 30 months.

What we do?

Hi-Wealth kuries is a new generation Kuri/chit firm intentended to be pioneers in its innovative mode of operations, with its authorised capital of Rs. 1 Crore. We are aiming towards credible, highly valuable ,better investment opurtunity. Through our kuries we are providing smarter way for your investments and take over financial responsibilities with confidence.
  •       Daily collection facility.

Our Contact Details

Hi-WEALTH Kuries Limited
Thushara 27/10-1,
Karunakaran Nambiar Road,
Aswani Hospital Jn. Thrissur.